Design, Monitoring and Evaluation for Peacebuilding




What's New

Rapid Response to Violent Conflict

Over the past 3 years, Search for Common Ground's DM&E team has developed a new method to collect information, come up with solutions, and respond quickly to rapidly changing conflict dynamics. This new process is called a Conflict Scan. Read the special introduction on to the new Conflict Scan guidance!

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Reflections from USIP's Testing of new IMPACT Tools

Ruben Grangaard of the United States Institute for Peacebuilding discusses the lessons and challenges of testing tools developed by the IMPACT (Initiative to Measure Peace and Conflict Outcomes) workshop series, which aims improve the evaluative practices in the peacebuilding field.

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Réflexions sur l'apprentissage du cours USIP

DME for Peace... en francais! Koloina Randriamiary, Chargée de suivi évaluation pour Search for Common Ground Madagascar, partage ce qu'elle apprend du USIP cours en "Demystifying Monitoring and Evaluation for Practitioners".

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