Design, Monitoring and Evaluation for Peacebuilding

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A New Deal? Development and Security in a Changing World

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Jeremy Allouche and Jeremy Lind/ Institute of Development Studies
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Development policy and practice in fragile and conflict-affected areas needs to be rethought. A growing proportion of aid budgets is going to fragile and conflict-affected states and conflict prevention is becoming an important focus of aid spend even in countries that are not affected by widespread violence. Thus, there is a rationale for development and security being increasingly brought together. The issue is how to do this most effectively to promote the security of the poor. While development in violent environments is very different from development in stable and peaceful areas, the same is true for security. One of the key differences is the fragmentation of power and authority which makes it more difficult for outsiders to operate. Development stakeholders need to invest more in understanding local realities, politics and power. This report proposes a ‘new deal’ based on concepts of entrustment and brokerage to help them do so.