Mr. Andreas Hipple

Senior Program Advisor



Advisor to the GHR Foundation and the Better Way Foundation, with a focus on international grantmaking, early childhood development (ECD), and interreligious action initiatives. Developed multiyear program strategy for inter-religious grantmaking. Lead responsibility for multi-million dollar global portfolio of grants. Developing evaluation & learning frameworks and communications strategies, pursuing strategic outreach and partnership development, and delivering value-added philanthropy to support our partners’ efforts to effect positive change. Point person for support to indigenous NGOs working on holistic ECD in Tanzania, providing organizational capacity building and strategic support.

Seasoned international development and philanthropy professional with strong writing skills and expertise in monitoring, evaluation & learning, project design, conflict management, project management, political & socioeconomic development, business development, strategic planning, sub-Saharan Africa, and public-private partnerships.

Multilingual analyst and evaluator with PhD-level training in quantitative and qualitative research methods, and experienced in applying these to the design and execution of projects around the globe.

Currently available for services on either a retainer or a project-by-project basis, and for occasional short-term assignments involving travel. Services include research, writing and editing, proposal-writing, evaluations, project design, strategic planning, and partnership development.

Specialties: Strategic planning, philanthropy, monitoring & evaluation, faith & development, public-private partnerships, knowledge management, technical writing, proposal writing, research, writing & editing, research design, negotiation theory, post-conflict development.