Mr. William Tarpai

Retired International Civil Servant - Globalization Consultant



William is a 50+ year resident of Riverside. He currently enjoys being a Globalization Consultant, promoting private sector business development between Riverside and its 9 sister cities. One of his first jobs was as an Administrative Intern with the City of Riverside, working in the Mayor’s office. He has been a US Peace Corps Volunteer in the Dominican Republic, a United Nations Volunteer in Somalia, and Peace Corps staff (1987 – 1992). He and his wife lived in 7 countries, while he was a professional officer with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR 1992-2010). He was actively involved with the UN Millennium Development Challenge (MDGs). as chair for the Measles Initiative with the American Red Cross in the National Capital Region surrounding Washington, DC. This initiative vaccinated more than a billion children by the end of 2010.

He is now actively promoting bringing new players collaborations during Agenda 2030, to work on achieving successful Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs) outcomes. He recently completed a World Bank Group certificate as a ‘COMMUNITY MANAGER’.