Throughout #BreakingBarriers in Cape Town, Katherine Haugh (link is external) took some graphic notes during the workshop. Check them out below!

Here are some visuals from the “Journey Mapping” process:

How did we keep participants active during the workshop? With activities like Trivia & the Human Knot!

During the prototyping phase of the workshop, participants had the opportunity to build physical representations of their ideas:

After the prototyping phase, participants subjected their ideas to feasibility/effectiveness mapping with input from the entire room:

After the feasibility/effectiveness mapping portion of the workshop the final four ideas were identified. Each participant then had an opportunity to join an idea that they wished to work on for the remainder of the workshop and generate a concept canvas which was then presented to the entire group. Check out this example from Team Treadstone below! You can view all of the concept canvases here.


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