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Part of our mission at DME for Peace is to create ways for academics, donors, evalautors and practitioners to learn, connect, and collaborate with each other.  We apply that same mission to the EIAP.  Below are several ways that DME for Peace might be able to support you in your own peacebuilding work.  Are there other ways we could support your own work?  Let us know at dme@dmeforpeace.org.


What are the challenges you face in understanding what is effective inter-religious peacebuilding?  What lessons and tips have you learned that you could share with other colleagues around the world?  Use these DME For Peace discussion forums to pose questions, provide insights, and to explore various topics in peacebuilding design, monitoring, and evaluation.

On August 26, 2015, we held our first global discussion on how we understand what is effective in inter-religious peacebuilding.  Watch the recording below.

On January 14, 2016 we hosted a second EIAP conversation on, “What Evidence is Out There for Inter-Religious Peacebuilding?” Watch the recording below.

Resource Sharing

Do you have resources that have been useful in your own work or evaluations that highlight what worked in your programming?  Use the DME for Peace resource library to learn and share toolkits, evaluations, reflections, and analyses from peacebuilding programs around the world.  Having trouble using the resource library? Email us at dme@dmeforpeace.org(link sends e-mail) and we would be happy to help you.


Partnerships with DME for Peace are specific agreements of how we can work together with your organization to mutually benefit each other’s work.   We have a range of partners from different partners from academic, donor, evaluator and practitioner institutions.  See our full parter list here.  Interested in additional ways to engage with us? Email dme@dmeforpeace.org(link sends e-mail) to receive our partnership guidelines.


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