Consultancy Opportunity: develop a section for the IOCE Toolkit on DRG evaluation




EvalPartners, formed by the International Organization for Cooperation in Evaluation (IOCE) and the UN, is an innovative partnership whose members are Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and Voluntary Organizations for Professional Evaluation (VOPEs). Together, these partners strive to influence policymakers, public opinion, and other key stakeholders into recognizing the need on effective evaluation as necessary to any important decision. EvalPartners has credibly demonstrated its capacity to bring together organizations from across the globe in order to enhance evaluation capabilities of VOPEs and individual members. Since 2013, EvalPartners and its partners have been working to promote and develop evaluation as a mainstream tool to be used by policymakers and decision-makers everywhere.

  • It created and launched e-learning resources on its website, easily accessible to anyone wanting to learn evaluation skills.
  • EvalPartners has also launched an online toolkit, with curated descriptions, tools, advice, examples, software and toolboxes developed by VOPEs and other organizations working to support non-profit organizations.
  • EvalPartners’ Peer-to-Peer (P2P) grant mechanism is an effective method in fostering South/South and triangular cooperation by encouraging two or more VOPEs to form partnerships to share advice and lessons learned when it comes to evaluation practices.
  • Networks have also been launched in order to strengthen evaluation practices for certain specific issues, such as integrating evaluation methods when measuring Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), gender-responsive evaluation, and promoting young evaluators to become future leaders in the field.

EvalPartners wants to continue and expand its work further, in order to reach a point where evaluation is no longer perceived as a second thought, but rather a vital step which needs to be taken when considering decisions that affect civil society, regional environments, and international policies. EvalPartners, with support from its members and partners, will continue its journey to ensure evaluation will develop and grow into an innovative and inescapable field.

Job Summary

The Project:

On behalf of EvalPartners, the International Organization for Cooperation in Evaluation (IOCE) was awarded a Cooperative Agreement to support Strengthening the Role of VOPEs in Democratizing Learning and Evaluation: Democracy, Human Rights and Labor as a Showcase by the U.S. Department of State – Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor (DRL). EvalPartners being a voluntary coalition, all management activities are done through volunteer work and the IOCE manages projects on behalf of EvalPartners.

The overall project targets VOPEs and practicing evaluators in order to contribute to the objectives of: (1) documenting local solutions, (2) democratizing learning and evaluation, and (3) making evaluation a mainstreamed and necessary part of any decision-making process. The project period is twelve months starting from December 1, 2017. The project has four key activities to be accomplished in the project period:

  • Peer-to-Peer grants to eight North-South or South-South partnerships;
  • Innovation Challenge grants for three projects to pilot most viable innovations;
  • Development of E-learning module on DRG;
  • Development of a section on DRG in the VOPE Toolkit.

The Peer-to-Peer program and Innovation Challenge projects are already in implementation

Click here to read the full Terms of Reference.

The VOPE Toolkit:

The VOPE toolkit is a collection of curated descriptions, tools, advice, examples, software and toolboxes developed by VOPEs and other organizations working to support non-profit organizations. It is a live repository that is constantly reviewed and updated, and is fully available in English, French, and Spanish on a wide variety of topics, ranging from how to set-up a VOPE all the way to a “Champions Pack” on how to make evaluation work visible at the national and regional level ( The toolkit also includes specialized modules on equity in evaluation, gender mainstreaming, national evaluation capacity, engaging with parliamentarians and many others. This assignment is to add a new section on “Democracy, Rights and Governance Evaluation” to the VOPE Toolkit. The new section will enable VOPEs to promote DRG evaluation and the members to successfully conduct DRG evaluations.


The assignment includes the following tasks:

  • Understand the EvalPartners existing VOPE Toolkit sections, content and the way they are presented.
  • Conduct desk review of existing literature on Democracy, Rights and Governance evaluation and extract necessary content for the Toolkit module. IOCE/ EvalPartners can refer some of the available materials through the United States Department of State.
  • Analyze Peer-to-Peer projects and Innovation Challenge projects supported under the USDS grant and extract experience gained through them. The project reports are available for the consultant to read and it is also possible to have virtual consultation meetings with the project partners to extract further information.
  • Conduct consultation meetings with EvalPartners Executive Committee members and USDS Project Steering Committee members to get inputs for the Toolkit module.
  • Prepare the draft Toolkit module and present it to the Project Coordinator and the Project Steering Committee for feedback.
  • Incorporate feedback and prepare the revised Toolkit module for final feedback.
  • Finalize the Toolkit module
  • Liaise with the company which incorporates the material in the Toolkit structure
  • Liaise with the IOCE website manager to upload the module on web platform.
  •  Make any revisions if any after uploading on the web platform

Time frame:
The assignment starts on 1st July 2019. The draft Toolkit module should be ready by 31st August for review. The second draft is expected on 21st August. The final draft should be submitted on 20th September. The consultant to work with the website manager to upload the module by 15th October. The Toolkit module will be available for public access by 31st October. The consultancy ends on 31st October 2019.


Individual consultants or consultancy firms can apply for the assignment.

  • Thorough knowledge and experience in evaluation
  • Knowledge and experience in evaluation of Democracy, Rights and Governance initiatives
  • Familiarity with VOPEs and capacity building of VOPEs
  • Familiarity with global trends in the evaluation field and emergence of VOPEs
  • Familiarity with EvalPartners and networks is an added advantage

How To Apply

Please send your applications (CV, cover letter and the proposed consultancy fee for the assignment) to with copy to by 6th June 2019. The selected candidate will be notified by 18th June. The consultant is expected to start the work on 1st July 2019.

Type: Contract

Start date: 07/01/2019

Application Deadline: 06/06/2019