Consultancy: Promoting Fair and Peaceful Elections Training


Mr. Tom Bayley - Logistics Business Partner


Invitation to bid to join a consultancy framework with Tearfund to deliver and support Tearfund staff and partners to provide training for church and other religious leaders on supporting fair and peaceful elections.


The consultant must be able to complete the following tasks below. These tasks may be grouped together as one project or requested individually on a more ad hoc basis. The exact details of each piece of work will be specified in each individual purchase order.

  • Provide design support to country teams in developing initiatives and projects in the area of supporting fair and peaceful elections.
  • Advice for Tearfund country and partner staff on in-country preparatory work and relationship building with key stakeholders.
  • Support in design of workshops appropriate and relevant for the specific country context.
  • Facilitate relevant and contextualised training on promoting fair and peaceful elections.

Providing training to staff and individuals in the areas of (not limited to):

  • Conflict and electoral history analysis
  • Understanding election cycles and the potential for conflict
  • Mapping and engaging with electoral commissions, government authorities, observation bodies, relevant peacebuilding bodies/agencies etc.
  • Developing and delivering conflict prevention strategies and activities.
  • Developing and delivering responses to potential conflict
  • Observation and monitoring in elections
  • Facilitate training for local facilitation assistants to prepare them to act as local facilitators and coordinators in support of the consultants when training has to be delivered remotely by the consultants. e.g. how to guide in-person participants of the training activities in objective 2
  • Provide follow-up support to those facilitation assistants and participants trained.
  • Provide advice and clarification of any questions from trained participants as they conduct activities and during election periods.
  • Provide advice to Tearfund staff and country teams on conducting research, monitoring, evaluation and learning:
  • Provide advice to country offices on the design of surveys, needs assessments and evaluations related to supporting fair and peaceful elections.

Advice on topics such as:

  • Tearfund/partners monitoring how those that have been trained are applying their skills, what actions have been completed, and the number of people reached.
  • Collecting stories of the reality of the situation and the impact of the actions taken by those trained.
  • How to capture learning points and lessons from those trained, sharing them across the networks.
  • Provide design advice to clusters, countries and the Fragile States Unit on gatherings and learning fora for past participants of training on supporting fair and peaceful elections, and contribute to these fora.


The consultant must be able to provide the following services as a minimum: 

  • Face-to-face training of groups
  • Delivery of online training and webinars
  • Development and updating of training tools and resources
  • Communication via phone calls, social media groups and email
  • Facilitation of group gatherings

Consultant’s Suitability 

The consultant must have: 

  • A minimum of 5 years’ relevant work experience in supporting initiatives in election monitoring, observation, and countering election violence. Additional experience in peacebuilding/conflict prevention or a related field is desirable.
  • A good understanding of election related violence, peacebuilding and conflict prevention issues in the relevant clusters for which you are bidding to undertake these consultancy services.
  • Excellent knowledge and understanding of the local contexts and sensitivities.
  • Fluency in written and spoken English, fluency in relevant regional languages as well is desirable (e.g. French for West and Central Africa, Spanish for Latin America, or Arabic for Middle East). 
  • Excellent facilitation and (experiential) training skills.
  • Willing to work ecumenically with churches and Christian partner organisations as well as with other faith groups ( in particular with Muslim groups).
  • Good analytical skills and communication skills, written and oral. 
  • Good interpersonal communication and team-working skills.

More information on the terms and conditions of the framework agreement can be found in the Invitation to Tender documents available here:


How To Apply

To apply, please review the tender documents available here:

Invitation to Tender: Promoting Fair and Peaceful Elections Consultancy (TF-UK-2020-07)

And submit completed Tender Response documents to

Deadline for submission is Thursday 3rd November 2020 at 17:00 UK time.

To apply, please visit:

Type: Contract

Start date: 11/11/2020

Application Deadline: 11/03/2020