Consultant – Gender, Power Dynamics & Conflict

Grameen Foundation



Duration: 31 days

Spanish is required 

Grameen Foundation is seeking the services of a experienced consultant to deliver a series of trainings:

The Gender, Power Dynamics and Conflict Trainings aim to:

  1. Give the MFIs (microfinance institutions) management staff a space to understand their internal biases, gender norms/roles, beliefs about women and men’s role in society, and power dynamics. MFIs will explore how conflict influences their individual practices as well as their clients’ practices.
  2. Discuss how these issues may be affecting women and explore options to better support women and their businesses. This would include conversations about intersectionality, diversity, and inclusion.
  3. Result in practical steps the MFI can take to ensure a more gender and conflict-sensitive approach to their work.

These activities include:

  • Co-facilitate three gender, power dynamics, and conflict trainings, in each country, at each MFI in Spanish. Prepare a guide for cascading training with MFI focal points  (12 days total)
  • Review and provide feedback on the entire Gender, Power Dynamics and Conflict training.
  • Ensure modules are integrated, relevant to the El Salvador and Honduras context & dynamics, and build off one another. Review and support the guide, replication plan, and training survey.

The project will target 2 countries, two MFIs in San Miguel, El Salvador, and one MFI in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.


This consultant should have experience in working on Gender and Power Dynamics as well as proven facilitation. In addition:

  • Fluent in Spanish and preferably bilingual in Spanish and English
  • Located in El Salvador or Honduras
  • Education
  • BA in international relations, economics, development or finance
  • Experience
  • Previous facilitation and training experience
  • Previous work or training on gender, power dynamics, or empowerment
  • Previous experience in curriculum design, mentoring trainees and creating action plans

Travel Considerations and COVID Conditionality

  • Open borders between El Salvador and Honduras, travel from San Salvador to San Miguel. San Salvador to San Pedro Sula is 7-8 hours
  • Consultants are expected to cover their own insurance for both countries.
  • Travel costs and expenses will be covered, including the plane ticket and hotel for the consultant. To be discussed during the interviews.
  • Grameen Foundation will provide PPE for Consultants and participants

Key Deliverables and Timeline

Activities — Deadline/Estimated Time — Level of Effort

  • Onboarding (calls & reading materials): September – 2 days
  • Review and adjust GPDC guide with Grameen consultant: October – 3 days
  • Review Eswatini Gender Power Dynamics and Conflict Training: October – 1 day
  • Prepare a guide for cascading training: late October – 5 days
  • Coaching and prep for facilitation with MFI focal points (for all three MFIs, 2 hours): Nov through January – 5 days
  • Deliver three trainings (travel + prep + defriefs): Nov through January – 14 days
  • Final Report on Lessons Learned from the training with Grameen Consultant: TBD by last training date – 1 day


If you meet the requirements please submit your resume and cover letter through our website – / careers

To apply, please visit:

Type: Contract