Digital Learning Specialist

Generations For Peace


Reporting to, guided and directed by the Director of Institute, and in close liaison with the Institute and Institutional Learning Department’s staff, the Digital Learning Specialist’s role is to lead on design and development of GFP’s digital conflict transformation/ peacebuilding curricula and training/ capacity-building portfolio. This position provides an invaluable opportunity to lead development of conflict transformation/ peacebuilding digital education content supporting the overall effectiveness and impact of GFP programme interventions as well as the contribution the Institute is making to the wider peacebuilding community.

2.  Responsibilities:

Digital Education

·       Leads the development of learning design architecture for all digital trainings and workshops delivered to internal and external audiences, based on GFP’s conflict transformation/ peacebuilding curricula and training/ capacity-building materials.

·       Leads the construction and develops the storyboard of the interactive self-paced and instructor-led trainings and workshops, working with a cross-disciplinary team composed of the staff from the Institute, Institutional Learning, Programmes, and Communications Departments, as well as a pool of internal and external GFP facilitators. Develops microlearning content, such as videos incl. animated videos, podcasts, gaming scenarios, and micro- and nano-courses, using authoring tools, graphic design tools, and programmes for microlearning.

·       Leads on the upkeep, review, and updates of existing and new online trainings/ workshops. Works closely with the cross-disciplinary team to ensure the digital content is up-to-date, well structured, visually appealing, and aligned with agreed learning objectives.

·       Monitors and analyses training/ workshop enrolments and completion rates, and deploys strategies to increase both. Serves as Tier 1 support for learners needing support to access and/ or complete trainings/ workshops. Develops and implements formative and summative assessments as well as other, innovative ways of evaluating knowledge transfer to learners. Leads on surveying the learners’ needs, and shares the feedback received to be actioned as needed. Develops and implements reporting workflows to help evaluate the uptake, outputs and outcomes of GFP’s digital peacebuilding education activities.

·       Delivers trainings for cross-disciplinary team composed of the staff from the Institute, Institutional Learning, Programmes, and Communications Departments, as well as a pool of internal and external GFP facilitators, on how to use the GFP’s digital learning platforms (LMS and Moodle).

·       Acts as a primary contact for digital learning platform vendor relationships. Maintains awareness of trends and new developments in the field of digital education, and acts as the lead on development and implementation of strategies and tactics for GFP’s digital peacebuilding education.


·       Provides expert consultancy and assistance to other organisations in the field of conflict transformation/ peacebuilding digital education. Responds to the calls for tenders for conflict transformation/ peacebuilding digital education, to generate income for the Institute; raise exposure and profile of the Institute; and bring experience through engagement with other practitioners and researchers.

Influence and Representation

·       Represents GFPI’s digital peacebuilding education initiatives at major events.


·       Ensures GFPI’s documentation, deliverables, and data are maintained consistently in accordance with policies and standards of GFPI and its donors.

·       Builds capacity of junior members of the GFPI’s staff.

·       Assists with the planning, preparation and execution of the GFPI’s meetings and events.

·       Manages workload priorities and deadlines for all GFPI activities and events.

Personal Learning

As part of GFPI’s commitment to institutional learning, commits 5% of their time to learning activities that benefit GFPI as well as themselves.

. Key Results Areas:

·       Education: GFP’s digital conflict transformation/ peacebuilding portfolio in English and Arabic enabled users to achieve learning objectives.

·       Influence and representation: Presenting opportunities undertaken.

·       Administration: Project management, workload prioritisation, and meeting deadlines.

Personal learning: Track-record of continuous personal learning, competency development and growth established

4. Generations For Peace Values:

·     Leadership: demonstrating leadership and fostering leadership in others, within the Institutional Learning Team, Programmes Department, Delegates and Pioneers in the field and other stakeholders.

·     Respect and Tolerance: showing respect and tolerance for all, within the Institutional Learning Team, Programmes Department, within the wider GFP office, with implementing partners, & with Delegates & Pioneers in the field.

·     Empowerment and Teamwork: supporting Institutional Learning Team, Programmes Department members and Delegates and Pioneers in the field, through proactive delegation skills and coaching and guidance to empower them and encourage creativity, use of initiative, and positive participation in teamwork.

Responsibility: demonstrating and encouraging responsibility, accountability and transparency, professionalism, care and diligence in respect of all people and property, and the brand and reputation of the organisation; seeking quality, effectiveness, sustainability, efficiency and good value for money; to maximise positive impact whilst minimising risk.

. Education, Qualifications, Competences, Skills Required:


·       B.A degree in training, communications, adult education or instructional design.

·       Minimum of five years of professional experience in a relevant position.

·       Strong experience with developing learning design architecture, and knowledge of design and authoring tools, programmes and software, such as Articulate Storyline, Rise, Adobe Suite, PowerPoint, open-sources ones, as well as graphic design/ video/ animation software, such as Adobe Captivate, GoAnimate, etc.

·       Strong experience with LMS and Moodle platforms.

·       Proven success in tracking performance against project objectives, reporting on outcomes, and analysing data to contribute to continual adaptive management of implementation.

·       Excellent communications skills, both consensus development and interpersonal. Confidence and enthusiasm when communicating to external partners and internal teams in both formal and information presentations.

·       Excellent spoken and written English, and in particular top-quality written English communications.

·       Excellent analytical, presentation and reporting skills.

·       Excellent data management and data analysis skills.

·       Ability to reflect, learn, and improve.

·       Ability to lead projects and work independently; to take initiative, think strategically and work creatively.

·       Ability to perform in a high-energy environment, with a flexible and enthusiastic approach to work, including the thoughtfulness to work effectively with others in a collaborative workplace. A “can do” attitude, and a willingness to “roll-up sleeves” and personally handle all aspects of position.

·       Cultural sensitivity and understanding of different interpretations of communications approaches in global, regional, and local contexts.

·       Strong interest in global current affairs, conflict resolution and peacebuilding, and international development.


·       M.A degree in training, communications, adult education or instructional design.

·       Spoken and written Arabic.

·       Experience working internationally and in an international organisation.

·       Experience working in the field of peacebuilding and conflict transformation.

·       Experience in community development and behaviour change.

Experience working with different age-groups (children, youth, adults) in different contexts.

How To Apply

Interested Candidates are encouraged to apply through:

Type: Contract, Full Time

Start date: 02/15/2021

Application Deadline: 01/14/2021