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Ms. Katelyn Knapp - Program Associate

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We invite prospective consultants to submit a proposal to provide analysis and evaluative services to work alongside the Independent Observer to evaluate against the mandate the effectiveness of its activities and conduct a gender analysis of the Malian conflict. This work will be organized into a gender analysis of the conflict and an annual evaluation of the program and should take into consideration the project’s plan for monitoring and evaluation (attached in Annex A). The results from the 2019 evaluation should double as a baseline for project activities in 2020.

Fluency in French will be necessary for successful completion of the evaluation. Results from the gender analysis and annual evaluation study conducted by the prospective consultant will contribute to:

  • adjustments of activities and implementation throughout 2020;
  • methodological developments for 2020; and
  • recommendation development in official Independent Observer reports to signatory parties of the Agreement.

The annual study will be an evaluation of the entirety of the work framed by the following proposed evaluation questions:

  • Are the activities and outputs of the work consistent with the overall goal and the attainment of project objectives?
  • In what ways has the initiative contributed to the anticipated impact?
  • What were the major factors which influenced the achievement or non-achievement of project objectives?
  • Was the work implemented in the most efficient way compared to alternatives?
  • Is the project replicable? If so, are there any elements that could be changed to replicate the project in a more effective way?
  1. Scope of Work

Participants to be consulted for data collection should include the Independent Observer and one-on-one meetings with each staff member, Government of Mali, armed groups, groups included in Article 51 of the Agreement, MINUSMA, and the international community in Bamako.

The first evaluation will take place during the last quarter of 2019. The consultant will:

  • Meet with project staff for contextual analysis;
  • Allow for a reading period to learn about the context of the Independent Observer, to be informed by project reports and articles from 2018 and 2019;
  • Prepare methodological notes and evaluation tools;
  • Conduct one period of data collection with team members and stakeholders in Bamako for the gender analysis and annual evaluation;
  • Produce one comprehensive report for the annual evaluation;
  • Produce a separate written gender analysis responding to, at minimum, the following questions:
    • What roles do people of different genders play in the community?
    • What are the predominant gender norms for different social groups?
    • How do people’s actual behaviors compare to the gender norms?
    • How have norms relating to masculinity and femininity been shaped and changed by conflict?
    • How are men and women affected by the conflict?
    • What roles are men and women playing in the conflict?
    • What roles are men and women playing in bringing about a peaceful resolution to the conflict?
    • How do gender norms and behaviors shape whether violence is used, by whom and against whom?
    • Do norms relating to masculinity and femininity fuel conflict and insecurity in this context?
    • Are there also norms relating to masculinity and femininity which (could) help facilitate peace?

Pending successful completion of the 2019 evaluation cycle and The Carter Center’s continuation in its role as Independent Observer, a second contract may be considered through 2020 to perform midline and annual evaluations in July 2020 and December 2020, respectively. Notice of intent to extend will be provided to the consultant by January 31, 2020.

How To Apply

All proposals must be received by 5:00 pm EDT on August 16, 2019. Proposals received after this deadline will not be given primary consideration. Consultants selected for further consideration must be available for a telephone interview between 9:00am-1:00pm Eastern Daylight Time on August 26-27, 2019. All materials should be sent to in one PDF file. Other formats will not be accepted. Proposals should include the following sections:

  • CV – Clearly state the name of the consultant(s). If the proposal is submitted by a pair or group of consultants, please name the lead consultant who will be conducting the work. Describe the education, skills, and experiences that uniquely qualify the lead consultant and his or her team for this work.
  • Work samples – Proposals must include three examples of related work completed with contact information for the organizations served. Please be sure to include an example of a gender analysis, if you have conducted one. If evaluations you have conducted for other organizations are confidential, please note this in your application, include anything you are able to include, and send the contact information for those references.
  • Statement of Proposed Work – This section should be no more than eight pages in length and should address the complete scope of work and deliverables.
    • Methodology: The Independent Observer is looking for consultants who will partner closely with us and engage regularly with staff. Describe in succinct terms the methodologies proposed to complete the proposed work including:
      • The approach to partnership and team-building. How would you build and maintain an engaged relationship with the key stakeholders?
      • Data collection and analysis methods and ideas
      • Ways to ensure triangulation of results to ensure accuracy of information received from various stakeholders
    • Workplan: Describe the work plan for the 2019 evaluation process, including:
      • A timetable for completion of specific tasks;
      • The personnel needed to complete tasks; and
      • Expectations for support and assistance from The Independent Observer.

The work plan should include regular consultation with key staff, starting with an initial meeting to present the methodology and make any necessary adjustments. Proposals may also include other activities deemed necessary by the consultant and specified within the work plan.

  • Travel dates and plans to visit Bamako for data collection in November 2019. Logistics such as travel and accommodations will be arranged and financially provided by The Independent Observer staff according to Carter Center policy and should not be included in the budget.
  • Budget and Deliverables: Provide a detailed budget as well as a description of the specific deliverables that will be submitted, the timeline (with dates for completion of individual planning stages), and expected schedule of compensation. Deliverables are expected to include:
    • Finalized work plan
    • Finalized methodology
    • A written gender analysis
    • An annual evaluation report
    • An analysis in memo format of implementation issues raised during the evaluation and suggestions for models or best practices related to organizational management, governance, monitoring, and replication
    • One in-person meeting in Atlanta, GA to present findings of the final evaluation and analytical memo

Type: Contract

Start date: 09/01/2019

Application Deadline: 08/16/2019

,30307 Atlanta,United States