Evaluator: Supporting Women in Resistance and Liberation Movements in Peace Negotiations and Post-War Transitions

Berghof Foundation

Ms. Stina Maria Lundström - Project Manager

Berghof Foundation


The Berghof Foundation is an independent, non-governmental and non-profit organization that
supports efforts to prevent political and social violence, and to achieve sustainable peace
through conflict transformation.

Since 2018, the Berghof Foundation, in collaboration with various partner organizations has
been supporting women within resistance and liberation movements through capacity-building
for effective peace negotiations and post-war transitions. The project is being implemented
internationally with the participation of women from various movements which are either in
the active phases of peace processes or have recently transitioned into post-war structures. By
building an international network, the project aims to increase access to and value of peer-to peer learning. To read more about the project, please visit:

We are now inviting proposals for an experienced evaluator to conduct a mid-term and endterm project evaluation.

The evaluation should achieve the following aims:

1. Evaluate the project according to the OECD DAC criteria for peacebuilding activities in
settings of conflict and fragility;

2. Identify recommendations, lessons learned and best practices for a potential follow up

3. Explore the extent to which the project and its underlying approach could be
generalized as a model transferable to other contexts of peace negotiations and postwar transitions.

Research approach

It is anticipated that successful proposals will build on a mixed methods approach, with a
strong qualitative component. Equally, the evaluator must ensure that the evaluation itself is
conducted in a conflict-sensitive manner and avoids doing harm. Proposals are strongly
encouraged to consider multiple sources for each data point, to consider means to triangulate
and verify data, and to take the context into account when outlining their approach. While an
initial outline of the research approach forms an important part of the bid, the final details of
the research methodologies will be agreed upon with the successful applicant at the start of the
contract period.

Indicative Deliverables

Details of required deliverables will be agreed on together with the successful candidate. They
will likely include the following:

  • Inception report (written report) in January 2020, including:
  1. a literature and document review
  2. an outline of the research methodology and tools
  3. a detailed outline and timeline of deliverables
  4. research tools for the midline assessment
  5. research tools for the endline assessment
  • Preliminary findings (presentation) for midline
  • Midline report in May 2020
  • Preliminary findings (presentation) for endline
  • Endline report in March 2021
  • Final presentation
  • Appropriately anonymised and cleaned data sets and interview transcripts

Evaluator profile
The evaluator should meet the following specifications:


  • extensive experience evaluating and/or conducting negotiation support measures and
    post-war peacebuilding projects
  • extensive experience with mixed methods approaches to training evaluation
  •  fluency in English
  • familiarity with adaptive evaluation methods and DAC framework


  • familiarity with track 1 negotiation processes and/or combatant reintegration processes
  • extensive experience with gender programming in conflict and post-war settings
  • familiarity with political dynamics and complexities in post-war settings, especially in
    Asia and/or Latin America


How To Apply

All expressions of interest should be directed in writing to Stina Maria Lundström (see contact
details below). Further information on the assignment and the project will then be provided to

To apply for the consultancy, candidates should submit a CV and an evaluation proposal of
approximately 4 pages to before 09.00 CEST on
17.11.2019. The proposal should outline:

  • The profile of the organization, or individual replying to this call for proposal, including
    a short description of how the proposed evaluator meets the person specifications;
  • An outline of the evaluation approach and methodology, as well as a proposed timeline;
  • An indicative budget breakdown amounting to a maximum of 17,000 EUR (excluding
    travel costs).

Type: Contract, Temporary

Start date: 12/08/2019

Application Deadline: 11/17/2019