Mid-Term Review of the Life & Peace Institute’s Ethiopia programme 2017-19

Life & Peace Institute

Mrs. Charlotte Booth - Director of Knowledge and Learning

Life & Peace Institute


Summary of the ToR (see full ToR uploaded for more information)

Purpose of the Mid-Term Review: Learning and informing decisions for enhancing performance

The purpose of the mid-term review is to collect and analyse evidence on programme implementation and results, in order to identify significant lessons from past experience and contribute to improving the Ethiopia programme’s relevance and effectiveness for the remaining implementation period.

Evaluation Objectives (EO)

EO 1: To assess the extent to which the strategy, objectives and activities of the Ethiopia programme are relevant to the current situation and stakeholder priorities. (Relevance)

EO 2: To assess to what extent the Ethiopia programme and the key programme model implemented – Sustained Dialogue – have achieved objectives including potential for sustainability. (Effectiveness, Sustainability)

EO 3: To assess how systems for programme monitoring and evaluation allow for measuring change, learning, accountability and adaptive programming

Qualifications of the Evaluation team

The Evaluation Team should demonstrate the following skills, qualifications and characteristics:

  • Demonstrated, in-depth experience in the design and implementation of reviews and evaluations in the field of peacebuilding.
  • Experience from engaging with dialogue processes.
  • Experience with youth-led processes or youth as agents for change in peace processes as the local level is considered a merit.
  • Possibility and willingness to access project locations and engage a diversity of project stakeholders (at least one team member).
  • Strong analytical skills and understanding of the Ethiopia context, including the environment for civil society engagement.
  • Ability to apply gender- and conflict-sensitive approaches in data collection and analysis.
  • English proficiency and excellent track record in producing high quality and utilization-focused reports.
  • At least one team member must have Amharic and Oromifa language proficiency.

Mid-term Review deliverables

  • Inception report and negotiated evaluation plan that details lines of inquiry, definitions, data sources, methods for data collection, methods for data analysis, conflict considerations and time and budget planning.
  • Data collection instruments and protocols.
  • Draft evaluation report for comments and review.
  • Final copy-edited evaluation report following review (no more than 30 pages excluding annexes), including a stand-alone executive summary of no more than 5 pages.

Implementation information

The exact time-lined will be agreed upon as part of the inception period. The Mid-Term Review is planned to conduct preparatory steps in January 2019 and data collection in February/early March. The report should be finalised for sharing by the end of March.

Data collection will require travel to key programme and project locations, in close collaboration with the LPI team and partner organisations.

The detailed activity plan and budget for the Mid-Term Review will be agreed upon based on the methodology proposed in the technical proposal.

How To Apply

Please send CVs of all Evaluation Team members, along with your technical proposal (describing your understanding of the ToR, detailing methodology for implementing the ToR, conflict sensitivity considerations, activity schedule and a detailed budget outline for fees and reimbursable costs incurred by the Evaluation Team (e.g. for travel of the evaluation team) to by 15 January 2019.

The CVs and Technical Proposals will be assessed on: qualifications and experience of the evaluation team, quality of the methodology proposed and cost effectiveness (value for money).

Application Deadline: 01/15/2019