Request for Proposals for the evaluation of USIP’s “Building Community Resilience in Ninewa Post ISIS” project in Iraq


Mr. Ruben Grangaard - Program Officer



The purpose of the evaluation is to take stock of outcomes and shortcomings of three discrete dialogue processes (Tal Afar, Hamdaniya, and Sinjar) and conduct a comparative analysis of enabling and inhibiting factors faced in the different locations. The evaluation will inform ongoing and future dialogue programming in Iraq and other contexts and should contribute directly to USIP’s evidence base on how to best design, implement, and sustain dialogue programming in conflict-affected contexts.

We are looking for an evaluator or team with: 1) a proven track record of conducting evaluations in the Iraqi context, ideally including direct experience the Ninvewa Governorate, and 2) experience evaluating dialogue processes or similar project modalities in conflict-affected contexts.

How To Apply

Proposals are due by 17:00 EDST on Friday, May 14, 2021 and should be submitted to Jill Baggerman ( and Ruben Grangaard (

Please note that any questions regarding the RFP will need to be submitted by May 5. Full details and instructions – including context about the project, deliverables, and estimated LOE – can be found within the attached RfP.

Type: Contract, Temporary

Start date: 05/21/2021

Application Deadline: 05/14/2021

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