Request for Proposals: Redevelopment of the DME for Peace Platform

Search For Common Ground

Jennifer Howell

Search for Common Ground, DME for Peace


Search for Common Ground requests proposals from web development professionals and agencies to redevelop and redesign the existing DME for Peace platform. DME for Peace, a project of Search for Common Ground, is an open-source platform that provides over 260,000 peacebuilders, evaluators and academics with an interactive space to share best and emerging practices on how to design, monitor and evaluate peace and development programs. 

The DME for Peace project at Search for Common Ground seeks to redesign the platform to provide practitioners around the world with access to the resources they need and empower them to share their learning with the global community through a variety of methods and channels.

The DME for Peace team want to create a modern platform that acts as a central repository for learning across peacebuilding, democracy, and human rights programming, promoting knowledge sharing and interactivity.

Job Summary

DME for Peace seeks to redesign the website to create a platform that: 

  • Creates a modern and interactive platform for the sharing of resources and lessons learned by implementers and practitioners in peacebuilding, democracy, and human rights fields.
  • Empowers and encourages users to contribute their resources and knowledge to the platform.
  • Provides a seamless user experience and provides multiple opportunities for web audience engagement.
  • Works on WordPress.

Statement of Work

Search for Common Ground is seeking a Web Design and Development Consultant/Agency (The Consultant). The Consultant will work closely with the DME for Peace Project Manager and Communications Officer in the redevelopment and redesign of the DME for Peace platform, ensure that it provides a state of the art experience for our users, and meets the standards and requirements of Search for Common Ground, our donors, and partners.

This Consultancy will be implemented in three (3) phases:

Phase 1: Website Design

The Consultant will work with the DME for Peace Team to conceptualize and develop the new website. The redesigned platform must:

  • Reflect sound design and navigation logic.
  • Position content for an optimal user experience, and allow the user to navigate intuitively without getting stuck or having to retrace main pages.
  • Be flexible and diminish the likelihood of additions and workarounds.
  • Provide a state of the art experience.

The design should incorporate the following critical elements:

  • Adaptability for multiple screen sizes, including mobile phones, tablets, PCs and other devices.
  • Design of an innovative logo to replace the site’s current logo.
  • Resource Library infrastructure, including the integration of a google search engine and algorithms, to index website content.
  • Design for overall web accessibility, including integrated audio-visual accessibility features (e.g. captioned audio and described video)
  • Online toolkit designs.
  • Integrated e-learning module capacity, through plug-ins or bespoke applications.
  • Integration with the ConnexUs platform and the discussion forums. 
  • Ability to readily embed media content, including audio and video clips, as well as webinar and online meeting platforms such as GoToWebinar and Zoom, and messaging platforms such as WhatsApp.
  • Integrated donation features for users to donate to the platform.
  • Widgets, plugins and embedding.
  • Integration with digital communication components, such as social media.
  • Integrated translation capacity
  • Explicit demonstration of digital security capacity and features.

The design should also have the following capabilities:

  • Versatile, back-end content management system (CMS).
  • Google analytics integration.
  • Maintenance of system logs for auditing and system control.
  • Backups for redundancy.
  • Validation tool for broken or stale links

Phase 2: Website Development

The Consultant will lead the development and coding of the new website. Development should include the following essential elements:

Security: Prevention of breaches such as spam, viruses, FTP access, and database thefts.

Speed: Optimum speed for downloads of photos, white papers, PDFs, press releases and other information.

Plugin: Plugin capabilities for Java and associated upgrades.

  • Search: Use capabilities for searching content on the site.
  • CRM Database Integration: Integration and management of multiple databases.

Search Engine Optimization: Maximized Search Engine Optimization for all keywords associated with the site, as decided upon by the DME for Peace team.

GDPR Compliant.

Phase 3: Site Roll Out, Testing, & Launch:

Following the development phase of the site, the consultant must support a user testing period, making alterations to the site where necessary, and work with the DME for Peace team in an iterative manner to ensure a high quality end product that meets the standards of Search of Common Ground and our donors.


Applicants for this Consultancy must:

  • A proven track record of web design, development and maintenance for multifaceted, complex web platforms, for a nonprofit (preferably).
  • Demonstrated capacity to implement community of practice and learning websites within aggressive timeframes.
  • Innovative designs and approaches to web design.
  • Have the time and availability to work with communications teams in multiple countries in the website design and development process.
  • Ability to work with tight and shifting deadlines.

Proposals must include:

  • Consultancy Fee, as well as payment structure
  • Portfolio of work (with links to websites)
  • References

How To Apply

Please submit your proposal to Jennifer Howell ( by May 28, 2021.

Type: Contract