Support to programmatic and institutional youth-mainstreaming

PeaceNexus on behalf of the OSCE Mission to Serbia

Mr. Mario Mazic


Deliverable : Youth Mainstreaming Guidelines
Develop youth mainstreaming guidelines that provides practical guidance, tools and recommendations for staff members on translating youth policy into programming.
Consultancy tasks:
• Conduct desk research (including interviews) on youth mainstreaming practices, methodology and comparable examples, including for capacity building, within the OSCE and other entities in order to capture and analyse good practices as a prerequisite to developing guidelines.
• In close collaboration with the Youth Focal Point, design youth mainstreaming guidelines to be used as practical user-friendly tools on integrating youth perspectives and youth mainstreaming practice in the OSCE’s processes and projects.
• Facilitate smaller groups (<20 participants) in group workshops and discussions in order to test the tools, adapt to needs and create joint outputs.

Deliverable : Youth Mainstreaming Training Course
Develop a youth mainstreaming training course that builds capacity on the topic and enables staff members to take ownership of the Guidelines and use its tools. The course should encompass understanding youth policy context, know-how of youth-sensitive practices, and overall youth inclusion throughout project cycle management.
Consultancy tasks:
• In close collaboration with the Youth Focal Point, develop a 2-day course on youth mainstreaming practices, including development of relevant materials and tools for trainers and participants.
• Facilitate smaller group (<20 participants) session to test the course curriculum and material, particularly with a view of adapting them to the internal needs and usability in a concrete context.

Deliverable : Youth Action Plan
Develop a time-bound youth action plan for OMiS that operationalizes its youth mainstreaming objectives.
Consultancy tasks:
• Prepare and facilitate a 2-days group work newly appointed Youth Contact Points toward development of the OMiS Youth Action Plan.
• In close collaboration with the Youth Focal Point, draft the action plan for adoption by the OMiS.

How To Apply

Both teams of consultants and individuals can apply for this consultancy or portions of it.
In cases of team applications, information on previous experience of the team of same composition should be provided, alongside a clear description of division of roles and responsibilities within this project.

In cases of individual applications, the applicants should provide information about the specific tasks or roles they can conduct as part of this project.

The applications should be submitted by July 25th, 2019 and sent to with ‘Application for PN-OSCE consultancy’ written in the e-mail subject line.

Every application should include the following:
• CV (of an individual applicant or CVs for every member of the consultancy team);
• a technical offer for this consultancy including information on past relevant experience and a proposed approach;
• financial offer;
• their availability on the week of July 29th, should they be selected for an interview.
Final selection will be made after interviews are conducted with short-listed candidates (starting in the week of July 29th). Team of consultants is expected to commence the assignment as of early August.

Type: Temporary

Start date: 08/04/2019

Application Deadline: 07/25/2019

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