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The Women and Girls Empowered (WAGE)-led Reducing Barriers to WEE in Central America Initiative (the “Initiative”) will advance the status of women by reducing the barriers female entrepreneurs face in accessing finance and growing their businesses. To do this, WAGE will partner with microfinance institution field partners (MFIs) of Kiva who serve women entrepreneurs in El Salvador and Honduras to provide a combination of financing and capacity building that improves their ability to recognize, respond to, and reduce barriers that women entrepreneurs face in their communities. At the same time, WAGE will examine and seek to create the enabling environment for women entrepreneurs by addressing larger contextual and societal barriers that inhibit women’s abilities to start-up, finance, and/or grow their businesses.

The total duration of the project is three years, with a total budget of $1.48M. The three MFIs selected for participation in the initiative are Credi Campo and PADECOMSM in El Salvador,and ODEF in Honduras.

The Initiative responds to all three of the WAGE Objectives but can be considered the first Strategic Initiative of the U.S. State Department-funded WAGE Program. This project falls under the women’s economic empowerment stream of programming.

The three goals of the WAGE Program are as follows:

1) Enhance the organizational and technical capacities of CSOPs and empower them to strengthen the response to gender-based violence (GBV), advance the Women, Peace, and Security (WPS) agenda, and support women’s economic empowerment (WEE);

2) Implement cross-cutting strategic initiatives to strengthen the response to GBV, advance the WPS agenda, and support WEE in target countries; evidence-based projects innovative pilot projects on emerging issues rapid response;

3) Engage in collaborative research and learning to build a body of evidence on promising practices aimed at strengthening the response to GBV, advancing the WPS agenda, and supporting WEE.

Pursuant to the WAGE Consortium’s Management Process on work planning, devised and finalized in consultation with the WAGE core partners (ABA ROLI as Prime, with Associate or“Core” partners CIPE, Search for Common Ground, and Grameen Foundation USA), the Wage Consortium selected Grameen Foundation USA (Grameen), to lead the design of the Initiative and aim to meet both the specific objectives of the Initiative as well as the general objectives of WAGE.

At the same time, the Initiative has been designed to meet four specific objectives of the State Department, as follows:

Objective 1: Increase the number of women entrepreneurs benefiting from financial services to improve financial inclusion and access to financial markets

Objective 2: Expand technical assistance for women entrepreneurs to help them start and grow their businesses

Search for Common Ground seeks a consultant to lead the training to address or remove other barriers faced by women entrepreneurs, such as gender-based violence or prohibitive legal or  policy norms, that can be done at the level of the MFI.

These activities include:

Review and provide feedback on the entire Gender, Power Dynamics and Conflict training. Ensure modules are integrated, relevant to the El Salvador and Honduras context & dynamics, and build off one another. Review and support the guide, replication plan, and training survey.

Co-facilitate three gender, power dynamics, and conflict training, in each country, at each MFI in Spanish. Prepare a guide for cascading training with MFI focal points  (12 days total)

 Gender, Power Dynamics and Conflict Trainings aim to:

Give the MFI management staff a space to understand their internal biases, gender norms/roles, beliefs about women and men’s role in society, and power dynamics. MFIs will explore how conflict influences their individual practices as well as their clients’ practices.

Discuss how these issues may be affecting women and explore options to better support women and their businesses. This would include conversations about intersectionality, diversity, and inclusion.

Result in practical steps the MFI can take to ensure a more gender and conflict-sensitive approach to their work.

The project will target 2 counties, two MFIs in San Miguel, El Salvador, and one MFI in San Pedro Sula, Honduras:

The three MFIs selected for participation in the initiative are CrediCampo and PADECOMSM in El Salvador, and ODEF in Honduras.


The project will target 2 counties, two MFIs in San Miguel, El Salvador, and one MFI in San Pedro Sula, Honduras:

The three MFIs selected for participation in the initiative are CrediCampo and PADECOMSM in El Salvador, and ODEF in Honduras.

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