M&E Thursday Talk – Preventing Violence Towards LGBT+ Populations

John Jordan & Daniela Galindez, Mercy Corps

February 21, 2019

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Join DME for Peace next Thursday, February 21st at 10:00am EDT, as John Jordan & Daniela Galindez of Mercy Corps Guatemala host the M&E Thursday Talk to lead a discussion on “Challenges around Preventing Violence Towards LGBT+ Populations.”

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Mercy Corps’ CONVIVIMOS project is USAID-funded, and it mobilizes individuals, families, communities, and the government to reduce crime and violence in highly vulnerable, urban neighborhoods around Guatemala City. CONVIVIMOS also supports local organizations that work to prevent violence towards LGBT+ populations.

Jordan and Galindez will discuss these efforts and how the CONVIVIMOS project has supported local research on violence against LGBT+ populations. They will also touch upon an upcoming initiative that will grant an innovative subaward to a local organization, enabling them to offer comprehensive (psychosocial, legal, medical) services for LGBT+ victims of violence.

Join us as we explore Mercy Corps Guatemala’s approach to addressing security issues for these underserved populations, including lessons from previous research, and how the team is grappling with challenges around designing, monitoring, and evaluating activities that ultimately seek to reduce violence toward LGBT+ populations.

Following the presentation, participants are encouraged to ask questions and discuss how these findings can be applied to the wider peacebuilding field.

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