M&E Thursday Talk – Engaging Religious Leaders in Attitude & Behavior Change

Jillian Foster

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Join DME for Peace on Thursday, November 8th at 10:00am EDT as Jillian Foster of Global Insight hosts the M&E Thursday Talks to lead a discussion on “Engaging Religious Leaders in Attitude & Behavior Change: Using a multi-methods approach to evaluate impact and navigate Afghanistan’s challenging environment.”


In partnership with World Vision, Jillian Foster, Global Insight’s Gender, Peace and Security Advisor, led the final external evaluation of the organization’s women’s rights program in Herat, Afghanistan. Though the evaluation covered all components of this multi-faceted program, our discussion will focus on the efficacy of engaging faith leaders as local evangelists for women’s rights in the Gozarah, Ghoryan, and Karoukh districts in Herat.

An initial cohort of 40 leading faith leaders were trained using the Gender in Islam curriculum. These faith leaders were tasked with training an additional 760 faith leaders in remote areas throughout the region. A subset were selected for data collection in May 2017.

Our discussion will explore important findings and conclude with an exploration of evaluative methods most useful in environments with security and access concerns.

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Hi Salomon – if you register for the discussion using the link in this post, you will be able to take part. We look forward to having you join!

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