M&E Thursday Talks – Knowledge Mapping: Integrating and Visualizing Information Across Sources

Bernadette Wright, PhD

October 17, 2019 at 10am EDT

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Join DME for Peace on Thursday, October 17th at 10am EDT, as Bernadette Wright, PhD and Author, joins the M&E Thursday Talks to lead a discussion on “Knowledge Mapping: Integrating and Visualizing Information Across Sources.”


To better solve important issues such as peacebuilding, development, and human well-being, we need better knowledge. Using examples from real-world evaluations, Bernadette Wright will introduce her three “dimensions” to improving our knowledge for problem-solving and share practical takeaways to help participants make the most of these dimensions.

Bernadette will also discuss the techniques of knowledge mapping and visualization of knowledge, and how these techniques can be used to promote learning, communication, and information-sharing. Additionally, we will explore how these techniques have the potential to transform our evaluations and accelerate the field.

For more background information before the discussion, you can access the following articles by Bernadette Wright: 

3 comments on “M&E Thursday Talks – Knowledge Mapping: Integrating and Visualizing Information Across Sources”

Great topic for a Thursday Talk – I’m working with universities in 2 countries now to create a multi-layered GIS map to help expand the complexity you can model using digital data related to water projects. Students and young professionals are involved to gain skills sets and experience that will aid them in securing high paying global jobs of the future

Good project. i am currently in Ghana and i think this skill set will help me monitor similar water projects in my community aided by wateraid Ghana

We’re glad you’re looking forward to it – should be a valuable conversation! Yes, here at DME for Peace, we’re really interested in accessible skill-set building opportunities, data visualization, and making big data/complex analytics and evaluations digestible. Sounds like a very interesting project – best wishes!

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