M&E Thursday Talk – Stopping As Success: Financial Sustainability in Responsible INGO Transitions

David Yamron, Search for Common Ground & Megan Renoir, Peace Direct

January 30, 2020 at 10am EDT

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Join DME for Peace on Thursday, January 30th at 10am EDT, as David Yamron, DM&E Coordinator at Search for Common Ground, and Megan Renoir, Research Manager at Peace Direct, join the M&E Thursday Talks to lead a discussion on “Stopping As Success: Financial Sustainability in Responsible INGO Transitions.”


Building on our recent M&E Thursday Talk discussion on the lessons learned from the Stopping As Success (SAS) project, David and Megan will take a deep dive into one of the project’s key thematic areas: the importance of financial sustainability in responsible transitions from INGOs to local organizations. Using real-world examples, they will share lessons learned and practical guidance on how INGOs, local NGOs and CSOs, and donors can set transitioning local organizations up for financial sustainability.

They will also discuss insights gained from their fellow USAID-funded research initiative: Facilitating Financial Sustainability. We encourage participants to join the conversation and share their own experiences around transitions and financial sustainability.

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