M&E Thursday Talk – Using AI to Create Lasting Peace

This is the M&E Thursday Talk from July 30th, 2020, when Branka Panic of AI for Peace and Laura Clark Murray of Omdena led a discussion on Using AI to Create Lasting Peace – Building Bridges between AI Experts & Peacebuilders.” 

Big data, machine learning, natural language processing – buzz words or real tools that can be applied in peacebuilding? As the world is facing new forms of violence, repression, and human rights violations, peacebuilders are exploring new tools to respond to peace and security challenges.

Sometimes the gap between tools and practitioners looks too big to cross, and yet there is an urgent need to overcome this obstacle. AI for Peace aims to solve this challenge by connecting data scientists and AI experts with peacebuilders to create a more peaceful and just future. Alongside Omdena, this discussion addressed the urgent need to take advantage of new tools, while applying ethical standards and caution about unintended consequences.

Omdena showcased multiple, real-life examples of how to use AI for peacebuilding purposes:

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