M&E Thursday Talk – The Nuts and Bolts of Generating and Integrating a Monitoring System

This is the M&E Thursday Talk from August 27th, 2020, when Lindsay Heger, Sean Duncan, and Andres Sabato, of One Earth Future Foundation, led a discussion on “The Nuts and Bolts of Generating and Integrating a Monitoring System.”

In this final webinar (in our three-part series) with One Earth Future (OEF), our discussion focused on the nuts and bolts of setting up a system of extensive outcome-focused monitoring. We learned how OEF’s ILA department implements monitoring across the organization’s portfolio of diverse international programs, making it an essential component of OEF’s incubation processes that is transportable across many interventions in the larger peacebuilding sector.

For each step in OEF’s ILA process, foundational points were outlined, along with how OEF puts those points into practice. Specialists from ILA provided an overview of the software used, how it is applied, and the lessons learned in creating dashboards and analyses for impactful innovations across OEF’s peacebuilding programs.

More on One Earth Future’s Approach: 

One Earth Future takes an approach to measuring program impact that extends beyond assessments, evaluations, and surveys, to also integrate robust outcome-focused monitoring systems into all programs from their inception. Through trial and error over the course of its decade-long history as an incubator of international peacebuilding and peace-making programs, the organization has found value in this approach on multiple fronts. Embedding the practice in program development and implementation has proven to have payoffs that are at least two-fold for individual programs, as well as providing the collective benefit organizationally – and for all partners involved – of opportunities for shared learning and insights across a variety of diverse programs.

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