M&E Thursday Talk – Developmental Evaluation in the Context of DM&E

On Thursday, April 29th, 2021, Sierra Frischknecht and Lilly Crown Wilder, members of USAID’s Developmental Evaluation Pilot Activity (DEPA-MERL), led our M&E Thursday Talk discussion on “Developmental Evaluation (DE) in the Context of DM&E”.

Since 2010, Developmental Evaluation (DE) has continued to gain popularity due to its adaptable, utilization-focused approach and suitability for complex environments. DE goes above and beyond traditional evaluation methods by embracing real-time learning, complementing the dynamic elements of programs, and making it uniquely suited for innovative or untested approaches.

In today’s uncertain global environment, DE is more important than ever as a tool to support continuous adaptive management. DEPA-MERL has launched multiple guides to help donors and practitioners address the novelty of and challenges around DE as a concept — including in remote environments. Drawing on years of research and meta-analysis of their own implementation, DEPA offers thought leadership and practical guidance on how to best apply DE across the globe.

In our discussion with DEPA, participants got closer look at how DE can bring value to peacebuilding, development, and stabilization work. DEPA also shared lessons learned on using DE in complex environments, as well as best practices for using DE in today’s virtual spaces. They also highlighted initial steps for those interested in scoping and planning their own DE.

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