M&E Thursday Talk – A Practitioner’s Toolbox for Data Exploration & Insights on Impact

This is a recording of the M&E Thursday Talk from August 30th, 2018 as Behar Xharra, Co-Founder of Keshif, led a discussion on “A Practitioner’s Toolbox for Data Exploration & Insights on Impact.”

One of the biggest struggles in the peacebuilding field is our ability to collect and understand data. As a result, our work is not as effective as it could be. How can we make the most of this data to improve the effectiveness of our work?

During this webinar, Behar discussed Keshif which enables novices – not just data scientists or analysts – to explore and analyze data, discover trends and relations, and reach actionable insights rapidly and effortlessly.

In this hands-on webinar, Behar took the audience through the process of rapidly transforming a dataset of 2300 + attacks on aid workers into a rich and interactive visualization, and present an easy way to explore insights and understand impact of conflict across time and space.
Access to
Learning & Tutorials (link)
Dashboards created during the webinar:
Incidents on Aid Workers View 1 (link)
Incidents on Aid Workers View 2 (link)

Link to Public Dataset (link)

Other Examples: 
– Media Sustainability Index by IREX (link)
– Unicef South Sudan – Situation Reports (link)
– Global Data Journalism Network (link)

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