M&E Thursday Talk: Are Evaluations Ever Read, Ever Used? – 4.7.14

The Peacebuidling Evaluation Consortium (link is external) (PEC) and the Network for Peacebuilding Evaluation (NPE) are pleased to haved hosted the April 17 Thursday Talk on “Are Evaluations Ever Read, Ever Used?” with Bob Berg, Trustee, World Academy of Art and Science. If you missed the talk, please check the resources below: 


Berg Talk 4-17-14 (link is external) from American University – CPD (link is external) on Vimeo (link is external).


For a written transcript, please refer to the document here (link is external)

Recommended Reading

• Using Science as Evidence in Public Policy (link is external), Committee on the Use of Social Science in Public Policy, National Research Council 

• USAID Forward Progress Report 2013  (link is external)

• Evaluative Learning Review Synthesis Report: USAID/CMM’s People-to-People Reconciliation Fund Annual Program Statement (APS) (link is external), Social Impact, March 2014 

• The Capable Partners Learning Agenda on Local Organization Capacity Development (link is external), Capable Partners Program, a joint effort of USAID, FHI 360 and Management Systems International, 2013

Help us keep the conversation going, and post your questions for Bob in the discussion thread below! 

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