M&E Thursday Talk – Building Peace through Sustainable Business Practices: What We’ve Learned

This is the M&E Thursday Talk from Thursday, March 19th, when Carlotta Fassiotti, Regional DM&E Specialist (East Africa) at Search for Common Ground, led a discussion on Building Peace through Sustainable Business Practices: What We’ve Learned.” 

Over the past decade, Search For Common Ground (Search) has engaged with various actors to support safe, healthy, and just societies in and around mining areas across Guinea, Madagascar, and Tanzania, using the Common Ground Approach to foster Sustainable Business Practices. After eight years of working with Barrick/Acacia Mining in Tanzania, Search has decided to take a step back and reflect on what has been learned from the engagement.

In this webinar, Carlotta discussed these recent reflections and Search’s newly identified key lessons, which focus on how to engage mining companies to positively transform conflicts and build peace. Participants were encouraged to ask questions and share their own experiences around conflict transformation and sustainable business practices.

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