M&E Thursday Talk – Built to last? Embedding sustainability in the project cycle

On Thursday, March 30th Jindra Cekan of Valuing Voices hosted the M&E Thursday Talks to lead a discussion on “Built to last? Embedding sustainability in the project cycle.”


M&E Thursday Talk – Built to last- Embedding sustainability in the project cycle from DME for Peace on Vimeo.

Most donors and implementing agencies value development and humanitarian interventions that have enduring impact after closeout. Valuing Voices’ research indicates that despite more than $5 trillion investment in international programming since 1945, fewer than 1% of projects have been evaluated for sustained impact. Without doing such research our industry’s claim to do “sustainable development” (including achieving SDGs) falters.

Sustained and Emerging Impacts Evaluation (SEIE) emphasize long-term impacts, and not only the endurability of intended impacts, but also unintended, emerging impacts from country-nationals and new partners. Guidance on SEIEs as a new type of evaluation and our global, growing database of post project evaluations will be covered as will a description of Partners for Democratic Change’s evaluation. We had spirited discussion on how we can foster sustainability around the project cycle: from funding, partnership agreements and data collection to feedback, exit and post-project evaluation.

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