M&E Thursday Talk – Conflict Analysis & Sensitivity in Children & Youth Programming

This is the Thursday Talk from January 21st, 2020, when Sölvi Karlsson and Julian Niankoye Bolamou, of Search for Common Ground, led a discussion on “Conflict Analysis and Sensitivity in Children and Youth Programming.”

Over 408 million young people around the world live in contexts of violence and conflict. They often bear the brunt of violence, but at the same time they also often lead efforts for peace. Organizations working with young people in conflict-affected settings need to consider the interplay between their intended interventions, young people, and the specific conflict context. 

Gathered from years of experience, Sölvi and Julien shared practical tips to help you design initiatives that are both conflict- and youth- sensitive. They also explored real-world examples from Search’s youth-focused programming and good practices from across the peacebuilding field.

Access the presentation slides here.

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