M&E Thursday Talk – Creating Connections in the Time of Covid-19

This is the M&E Thursday Talk from February 18th, 2021, when Jack Farrell, Manager of Partnerships & Strategic Innovation at Search for Common Ground, led a discussion on “Creating Connections in the Time of Covid-19”.

Covid-19 has demonstrated the importance of connection in our daily lives. Connection to one another, to our peers, to resources, to partner organizations, and to others working to address similar problems. That is why we have launched ConnexUs. ConnexUs is a global networking & coordination platform for NGOs, practitioners, academics, and activists working in conflict-affected settings.

Peacebuilding organizations, and NGOs more broadly, have played a key role in the delivery of critical services in response to Covid-19. However, our response to the pandemic demonstrated that in the face of an interconnected problem, we had a disconnected response. ConnexUs was designed to address this connection challenge, and provide a structure/network for organisations and practitioners to engage with partners at the local, national, and international level.

In this webinar we discussed the connection and coordination challenges that were emphasized by Covid-19, and how you and your organization can become a part of the ConnexUs community.

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