M&E Thursday Talk: How Community-Driven Approaches to Development Can Foster Greater Cohesion

This is a recording of the M&E Thursday Talk from Thursday, October 11th, 2018 as Swathi Massar & Joel Turner of IREX led a discussion on “How Community-Driven Approaches to Development Can Foster Greater Cohesion.”

READ Global, an international NGO focusing on rural community development in Nepal, Bhutan, and India, has had considerable success facilitating the establishment of sustainable, inclusive community library and resource centers.  A recent study of READ’s model in Nepal led by IREX, a global development and education non-profit, brought to the forefront core principles of their practice that lead to sustainable development outcomes. The research highlights the importance of inclusive and community-driven approaches to create a stronger sense of community, greater cohesion, and ultimately, sustainable development. IREX Technical Advisors, Swathi Massar and Joel Turner, shared the main findings from IREX’s research, and ideas on how such community-based models can contribute to stronger, more cohesive societies. Participants were encouraged to share examples of community solutions that strengthen community ties, along with feedback and questions for the presenters.

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