M&E Thursday Talk – How do I know? Strategic planning, learning, and evaluation in peacebuilding – 2.5.15

The Network for Peacebuilding Evaluation was pleased to welcome the working group on peace and development FriEnt (link is external), as they presented on their recent publication, “How do I know? Strategic planning, learning, and evaluation in peacebuilding (link is external)” on February 5, 2015. 

Results orientation in its current practice may be more of a hindrance than a help for achieving better results in the field. However, there are experiences in international and local organizations that point to a learning orientation beyond the established structures and procedures, a more systematic use of lessons learned and results of multiple experiences and a more adventurous use of alternative methods that allow for taking into consideration the complexity and dynamics of (post-) conflict situations.

Recording and Transcript:

2015-02-05 10.00 Thursday Talk on the Network for Peacebuilding Evaluation on DME for Peace from DME for Peace on Vimeo.

To view the PowerPoint, please click here (link is external).

To read a summary of the conversation, please click here (link is external)

About the Speaker: Sylvia Servaes is desk officer at Misereor for Consultation on justice, peace and human rights in the Great Lakes Region and serves as a Team member on behalf of Misereor in the Working Group on Peace and Development/ FriEnt. Her current subjects include questions of impact and results measurement in peace building. Together with Natascha Zupan she has compiled the publication “How do I know? Strategic planning, learning and evaluation in peace building”.

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