M&E Thursday Talk: ICT for M&E of Peacebuilding – 7.10.14

On Thursday July 10, 2014 the Peacebuidling Evaluation Consortium (PEC) and the Network for Peacebuilding Evaluation (NPE) were pleased to have hosted the Thursday Talk on “ICT for M&E of Peacebuilding” with Vanessa Corlazzoli, Senior Manager of Design, Monitoring and Evaluation at Search for Common Ground. 

In this talk Vanessa presented Search’s Institutional Learning Team’s latest paper, which explores the incorporation of ICTs into the monitoring and evaluation systems of peacebuilding programs. It introduces the reader to the breadth and depth of new technologies, exploring the application of the following ICTs: mobile technology, social media, big data, the digitization of surveys, and tools to better visualize data.

The document is one of a series of Practice Products developed under the Conflict, Crime, and Violence Results Initiative funded by Department for International Development (DFID). The full set of products is intended to support DFID country offices and their partners to develop better measures of program results in difficult conflict and fragile environments.

To download the ICT for Monitoring and Evaluation of Peacebuilding Programmes paper please click here (link is external)

About the Speaker

Vanessa Corlazzoli is a Senior Manager of Design, Monitoring and Evaluation at Search for Common Ground (link is external).  She manages the Institutional Learning Team, a global technical unit that is responsible for providing monitoring and evaluation support to 34 country programs to enable organizational learning.  In her role, she manages four regional DM&E Specialists, as well as special projects that provide M&E technical support to DFID Conflict Advisers and UNICEF’s education and peacebuilding practitioners. The DME for Peace Hub ( is also a project that is implemented out of the Institutional Learning Team. 

Vanessa’s commitment to M&E springs from her multiple experiences in conducting baselines, evaluations and in-country technical support visits primarily in Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Liberia, Indonesia, Russia, and Peru.  Previously, she worked at the Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation and at the G8 Research Group, in Canada.  A member of the American Evaluation Association since 2009; Vanessa holds a Masters of Art and Diplomacy from the Fletcher School at Tufts University.

Find a link to the accompanying talk notes here

Recording, Transcript, and Powerpoint

ICT for M&E of Peacebuilding from DME for Peace on Vimeo.

Review a summary of the conversation here (link is external).

Review Vanessa’s Powerpoint here.

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