M&E Thursday Talk – Measuring Everyday Peace in Schools: Methodology & Findings

This is the M&E Thursday Talk from February 25th, 2021, when Dr. Terence Bevington, Director of Conexus Conflict Consultancy and The Restorative Lab, led a discussion on “Measuring Everyday Peace in Schools: Methodology & Findings.”

Peace evaluation faces two perennial challenges: first, how to make peace measurable, and secondly, how to measure peace using methods that are in-alignment with peace principles. The Everyday Peace in Schools methodology seeks to address both these challenges.

In our discussion, Dr. Terence Bevington shared the process and findings from his recently completed doctoral research study, gathered from implementing the Everyday Peace in Schools methodology with students and staff in four English secondary schools. Terence walked through the methodology, giving participants the experience of this disarmingly simple evaluation process. He also discussed the conceptions of peace that emerged from this study – Personal Peace, Relational Peace, and Institutional Peace.

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