M&E Thursday Talk – Measuring Progress Along Axes of Change

On Thursday, January 26th, Richard King of Concordis International hosted the M&E Thursday Talk series to lead a discussion on “Measuring Progress Along Axes of Change.”

M&E Thursday Talk – Measuring Progress Along Axes of Change from DME for Peace on Vimeo.

Concordis International carries out dialogue-based peacebuilding between tribal groups in Abyei (Sudan/South Sudan) and at regional and community levels in Mauritania and Cote d’Ivoire. Concordis is in the course of developing a system for monitoring the impact of its work by measuring progress along axes of change.  Axes of change typically relate to inter-community relations, joint community organisation, mechanisms for conflict prevention, development of livelihoods and institutions relating to trade. Regular small-scale surveys are undertaken among communities about their perceptions concerning each of these axes by reference to consistent established criteria. Concordis is keen to share its approach for validation by the DME community and to receive comments and suggestions.  This session, presented by Richard King, was based on analysis of the results of Concordis’ work in Abyei.

About the Speaker:

Richard King is Chief Executive of Concordis International.  He has supervised Concordis’ programmes in Sudan and South Sudan for over 6 years.  He is committed to development of community-level dialogue-based peacebuilding processes as an effective way of ending violence and insecurity, promoting peaceful co-existence and improving livelihoods.  He has ensured that impact evaluation has a high priority in Concordis’ work.

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