M&E Thursday Talk – Measuring the Effects of Media: Lessons from Niger

This is the M&E Thursday Talk from Thursday, February 27th, when Dr. Jeffrey Conroy-Krutz, Professor of Political Science at Michigan State University, led a discussion on “Measuring the Effects of Media: Lessons from Niger.”

Many programs use content provided over mass media to change knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors in target populations. Unfortunately, rigorous evaluations of the effects of such programs can be difficult; identifying the exposed population is challenging, people typically self-select the media they consume, and the differences between exposed and non-exposed populations can’t necessarily be attributed to the media program.

In this webinar, Jeffrey Conroy-Krutz discussed the potential of the experimental Encouragement Design, which was recently implemented in rural Niger to measure the effects of a radio discussion program. Jeffrey explored the perceived benefits of the experiment’s design and evaluation strategy, and how it has been used to rigorously measure program effects. Limitations and logistical challenges were openly discussed, and participants asked many pointed questions.

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