M&E Thursday Talk – Online Dialogue Facilitation: Tips & Tricks

This is the M&E Thursday Talk from June 4, 2020, when Waidehi Gokhale, Chief Executive Officer of Soliya, led a discussion on “Online Dialogue Facilitation: Tips & Tricks.”

As working remotely becomes the norms, the importance of good online facilitation becomes increasingly important to peacebuilding programming. In this webinar, Waidehi Gokhale provides guidance on designing and implementing online dialogue, taking participants through real world examples of best practices and challenges surrounding online facilitation. Using Soliya’s model as an example, Waidehi discussed tried and tested tools, and shared tips on how to execute high-quality, digital dialogue.

This M&E Thursday Talk is the second in a series of events that will focus on digital adaptations and technological innovations in peacebuilding. Click here for more information on this exciting 3-month campaign!

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