M&E Thursday Talk – Online Learning & Virtual Exchange: During Covid-19 & After

This is the M&E Thursday Talk from June 18, 2020, when Sarah Guth, President of UNICollaboration, led a discussion on “Online Learning & Virtual Exchange: During Covid-19 & After.”

The Covid-19 pandemic has urgently pushed organizations to move much of the work they do from in-person contexts to online contexts. Our increased need for online programs that focus on people-to-people interaction, is already the basis of the emerging field of virtual exchange.

In this webinar, Sarah, will share examples of best practices in online teaching, learning, and collaboration collected from over 20+ years, followed by a deep-dive into virtual exchange. Sarah will explore ways in which it can both support mobility programs, as well as substitute them when mobility is not possible.

Real world examples and best practices in virtual exchange will be provided from the pilot project Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange. Participants will also gain insight into ways in which they can adapt their current in-person programs to online contexts, either through online teaching, learning and collaboration, or virtual exchange.

This M&E Thursday Talk is the third in a series of events that will focus on digital adaptations and technological innovations in peacebuilding. Click here for more information on this exciting 3-month campaign!

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