M&E Thursday Talk: Seeking Evidence of Causal Linkages: Alternative Approaches- 5.1.14

Given the complexities of peacebuilding, it is very difficult to know whether an intervention has contributed to positive results. Methods designed to identify causal linkages for less complex intervention types, such as vaccinations or deworming, can sometimes work in peacebuilding, but often do not. In these situations, alternative approaches, such as contribution analysis or the Most Significant Change approach, can be useful for exploring the relationships between actions and outcomes.

The Peacebuilding Evaluation Consortium (PEC) and the Network for Peacebuilding Evaluation (NPE) were pleased to have hosted the May 1 talk with Carlisle Levine to discuss these alternative approaches, and their utility for assessing causal linkages in peacebuilding interventions. 

If you missed the talk, please view the resources below. 


You can access a transcript of the conversation here (link is external), and view the presentation slides here (link is external)

Recommended Reading

The Most Significant Change Technique: A Guide to Its Use – Rick Davies and Jess Dart (link is external)

Contribution Analysis: An Approach to Exploring Cause and Effect – John Mayne  (link is external)

If you have any questions for the speaker, please post them in the discussion forum. We look forward to seeing you again next Thursday on May 8 at 10 AM EDT. 

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