M&E Thursday Talk – Self-Assessment: Local Response to Global Challenges

This is the M&E Thursday Talk from Thursday, April 9th, when Dr. Luc Barriere-Constantin, Rituu B. Nanda, and Dr. Jean-Louis Lamboray of The Constellation, led a discussion on “Self-Assessment: Local Response to Global Challenges.”

Throughout the last 15 years, The Constellation has worked with communities to address local response to challenges, such as HIV/AIDs and Malaria. Their evolving methodology (i.e. Community Life Competence Process) has led to the Self-Assessment tool, which helps communities measure their progress in responding to a number of issues. This simple tool helps communities take local ownership, define their response objectives, and build their capacity to achieve set goals. Drawing from over a decade of important lessons learned, The Constellation believes that this method can be used to address the current, global pandemic.

In this webinar, Luc and Jean-Louis explained the Self-Assessment framework, lessons learned through implementation, and how this free tool can help strengthen local response to Covid-19. Additionally, they discussed future plans, and why collective implementation, continued learning, and wider dissemination is essential for the tool to reach its highest potential.

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