M&E Thursday Talk – Setting the Scene: A Framework for the Functions of Technology in Peacebuilding

This is the M&E Thursday Talk from May 14, 2020, when our partners at Build Up  led a discussion on “Setting the Scene: A Framework for the Functions of Technology in Peacebuilding.

What is innovation? What technologies can be used to build peace, and for what purpose? In the webinar, Build Up shared their working framework for understanding and approaching digital technology and innovation in peacebuilding. Highlighting global projects, they explained various ways that technology is being used to build peace around the world.

This webinar also discussed the potential strategic purposes of using innovation in your own work, with the understanding that technology is not “just a tool.” We also discussed how innovation can assist peacebuilding by broadening participation to those who otherwise may be excluded.

This M&E Thursday Talk is the first in a series of events that will focus on digital adaptations and technological innovations in peacebuilding. Click here for more information on this exciting 3-month campaign!

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