M&E Thursday Talk – The Evolution of Collective Impact

This is a recording of the M&E Thursday Talk from Thursday, May 11th as Michael Sayre of Search for Common Ground led a discussion on “The Evolution of Collective Impact.”

M&E Thursday Talk – The Evolution of Collective Impact from DME for Peace on Vimeo.

Since it was first presented in an article in the Stanford Social Innovation Review in 2011, the collective impact approach has quickly gained adherents among governments, foundations, and other donors who see it as a coherent framework to achieve large-scale social change through multi-sectoral collaboration. In the years since collective impact was first introduced, practitioners have tested the approach in a variety of contexts, allowing for a more critical assessment of collective impact’s strengths and limitations. In this webinar, Michael reviewed the evolution of collective impact, presented lessons learned from evaluating a collective impact approach in a developing country context and shared examples of additional collaborative models. 

About the Speaker:

Michael Sayre has over ten years experience in capacity development, network strengthening, and evaluating complex systems. Presently as the Embedded Evaluator for DEPA-MERL on the Family Care First in Cambodia (FCF) initiative, he is conducting a developmental evaluation to enable the FCF partners to look into how partner relations are impacting the work, what is not working, and what is working for management, coordination, and collaboration amongst all partners engaged in FCF.  

Throughout his career Michael has remained passionate about designing and testing alternatives to “business as usual” in international development, focusing on meeting the needs of users within their own context and ensuring that learning and adaptation are the driving forces of each activity.

Michael holds a B.A. in International Relations and History from Suffolk University and an M.A. in Social Enterprise from the School of International Service at American University.

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