M&E Thursday Talk – The Purdue Peace Project: DM&E of a Locally-Driven, Community-Based Peacebuilding Initiative – 10.15.15

The Peacebuilding Evaluation Consortium (PEC) and the Network for Peacebuilding Evaluation (NPE) were pleased to have hosted the Thursday Talk on “The Purdue Peace Project:DM&E of a Locally-Driven, Community-Based Peacebuilding Initiative” with Dr. Stacey Connaughton on October 15, 2015. If you missed the talk, please view the resources below. 

The Purdue Peace Project (PPP) convenes groups of local citizens in fragile states where clearly identified situations threaten to lead to political violence. The PPP works to create a space for an inclusive and representative group of local citizens to engage in dialogue with one another, and in so doing, to identify and implement strategies that will reduce the likelihood of political violence. The PPP’s Project Director, Stacey Connaughton, described the PPP’s evidence-based and longitudinal approach to monitoring and evaluating the impact of its locally-driven peacebuilding efforts.


M&E Thursday Talk: “The Purdue Peace Project: DM&E of a Locally-Driven, Community-Based Peacebuilding Initiative” from DME for Peace on Vimeo.

Presentation: Click here to view the PowerPoint Presentation.  (link is external)

About the Speaker:

Stacey Connaughton (Ph.D. The University of Texas-Austin) is an Associate Professor and Associate Head of the Brian Lamb School of Communication, Purdue University. Her research examines leadership and identification, particularly in the context of virtual organizing forms and political violence prevention. Her research has been funded by the National Science Foundation, the Carnegie Foundation, and the Russell Sage Foundation. Her work has appeared in Small Group Research, Journal of Communication, Management Communication Quarterly, among others. Dr. Connaughton is the Principal Investigator and Director of the Purdue Peace Project, a locally-driven peacebuilding initiative with projects in Ghana, Liberia, and Nigeria.

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