M&E Thursday Talk – The SDG16 Data Initiative

On Thursday, October 13th Nathaniel Heller of the Results for Development Institute hosted the M&E Thursday Talk series leading a discussion on “The SDG16 Data Initiative”.

M&E Thursday Talk – The SDG16 Data Initative from DME for Peace on Vimeo.

Goal 16 of the Sustainable Development Goals obligates countries to work towards reducing violence, improving government transparency, and strengthening public sector institutions and decision making. These are crucial components of effective and sustainable development but also among the most challenging to measure in a consistent and rigorous manner. The new SDG16 Data Initiative brings together a range of civil society organizations that work on the Goal 16 agenda to demonstrate how Goal 16 can indeed be tracked and monitored effectively, even in the absence of officially agreed indicators for all Goal 16 targets. Building on the previous two Thursday Talks on the SDGs, this webinar will introduce the SDG16 Data Initiative and invite participants to get involved and suggest ways in which the Initiative can most effectively shape the discourse around Goal 16 monitoring moving forward.

About the Speaker:

Nathaniel Heller is a Managing Director at the Results for Development Institute (R4D), which he joined in 2014, and leads R4D’s Governance Program. At R4D, Nathaniel works to harness citizen-centric transparency and accountability efforts as drivers of development outcomes. Prior to joining R4D, Nathaniel co-founded and led Global Integrity, a non-profit organization that promotes government transparency and accountability worldwide through high-quality research, cutting-edge technology, and innovative policy insights.

During his time as Executive Director of Global Integrity, Nathaniel led the organization from its founding in 2005 through a period of intensive growth that saw Global Integrity established as a global leader on anti-corruption and governance issues. In addition to the development of best-of-breed methodologies for measuring public sector integrity systems and thought leadership in the nascent open government space, Nathaniel conceptualized and established the OpenGov Hub, the world’s first open government-themed co-working community with locations in Washington, DC and Kathmandu, Nepal. He also created an emerging markets research company servicing consulting firms and hedge funds, now Foglamp Research, that was successfully spun off from Global Integrity in 2013. Prior to co-founding Global Integrity,

Nathaniel served at the US Department of State focusing on European political-military affairs; as a fellow at the Center for Public Integrity reporting on public sector accountability and ethics issues; and as a foreign policy fellow to the late-Senator Edward Kennedy. Nathaniel holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Spanish Literature from the University of Delaware and a Master’s degree from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service. He currently serves as a civil society steering committee member of the Open Government Partnership, advisory board member of Civio, and on the board of The Engine Room.

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