M&E Thursday Talk – The Transformative Potential of Community-led Development

This is the M&E Thursday Talk from Thursday, May 16th, when Ann Hendrix-Jenkins, Senior Advisor at The Movement for Community-led Development, led a discussion on The Transformative Potential of Community-led Development.”

The Movement for Community-led Development is made up of 57 member organizations, who are working to scale up Community-led Development (CLD) to a transformative, national scale around the world. Ann discussed this potential of community-led development and went into detail about the six characteristics of community-led development that they believe current monitoring, evaluation, and learning tools are not designed to consider.

Ann also expanded upon the emerging MEL ideas around framing, methodologies, and tools that aim to generate practical CLD knowledge and guidance. Following the presentation, participants engaged in an informative Q&A session.

Click here to download the presentation slides.

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