M&E Thursday Talk – Unconscious Bias and Conscious Choices

This is the M&E Thursday Talk from Thursday, November 15th, when Deborah Levine led a discussion on “Unconscious Bias & Conscious Choices.”

The Un-Bias Guide for Leaders is a guide for team training in the workplace by award-winning author, speaker, and coach, Deborah Levine. Her cognitive technology boosts the ability to manage unconscious biases and make the conscious choices necessary to avoid disruption and distrust.

In her presentation, Deborah Levine explained how this approach can maximize leadership and team communication, emotional intelligence, and problem solving, whether you’re a business, nonprofit, or service agency. Levine also covered how this training heightens awareness, develops sensitivity, and generates smart decisions  – helping people avoid the distrust, divisiveness, and destructive behavior associated with unconscious bias.

Levine unpacked the the “Un-Bias multi-dimensional approach” and expanded upon how it can be used nonprofits. The presentation was then followed by an insightful Q&A discussion.


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