M&E Thursday Talk – Creating an Evidence Base for the Peacebuilding Field

On June 3rd, 2021, Alliance for Peacebuilding’s Jessica Baumgardner-Zuzik and One Earth Future’s Conor Seyle, led our M&E Thursday Talk discussion on “Creating an Evidence Base for the Peacebuilding Field.

Building on their newly published report, entitled “Some Credible Evidence: Perceptions about the Evidence Base in the Peacebuilding Field,” Jessica & Conor  presented the findings of the report and discussed the implications for practitioners and funders.

The report finds that the peacebuilding field actually does have a widely shared and nuanced understanding of what evidence exists, and concludes that while the field has a robust evidence base describing what sustainable peace looks like, evidence for how to effectively deliver sustainable peace is lacking.

During this discussion, we began to unpack the report’s findings and explored how the peacebuilding field can move forward.

Click here to access the presentation slides.

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