M&E Thursday Talk – What Transformation Takes: Sharing Responsible Transitions

This is the Thursday Talk from December 2020, when Pauline Wambeti, Director of Nuru Kenya, Tala Bautista, Senior Vice President of Coffee for Peace, and Grace Boone, Program Manager at CDA Collaborative Learning, led a discussion on “What Transformation Takes: Sharing Responsible Transitions”.


This discussion with the Stopping As Success consortium and partners, focuses on their new book, What Transformation Takes: Evidence of Responsible INGO Transitions to Locally Led Development Around the World. The book takes readers on a journey around the world to examine diverse processes of responsible leadership transitions from international non-governmental organizations to locally led entities. In this webinar, Grace previewed the book and shared practical lessons for how shifts in international development paradigms can lead to more sustainable, culture-and-conflict-sensitive partnerships.

Focusing on locally led, Pauline Wambeti and Tala Bautista shared aspects of their organizations’ transitions and key lessons learned, including how to mitigate emerging issues during the transition and the importance of transitions starting at the beginning of a partnership.

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