M&E Thursday Talks – Applying Network Analysis to Improve Program Impact and Sustainability

This is the M&E Thursday Talk from Thursday, October 31st, when Dmytro (Dima) Mykhaylenko and Kaylynn Palaio of Pact, led a discussion on “Applying Network Analysis to Improve Program Impact and Sustainability.”

Network strengthening has become an increasingly important element of capacity development over the past decade. Pact has developed a comprehensive methodology to analyze the interconnections among those groups – Organizational Network Analysis (ONA). Dima and Kaylynn explained how Pact’s ONA is more than a diagnostic tool, it is an approach to improving program impact and sustainability. 

They explored how Pact practically applies ONA to international development, specifically with local systems, community groups, and government agencies. Dima also illustrated how Pact’s ONA is designed to expand possibilities and empower a network to become stronger, which enables network members to visualize, analyze, and monitor patterns of collaboration and information flows between individuals and organizations. 

For extra information, check out the data visualization we created for Pact’s 2018 ONA Handbook.

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