M&E Thursday Talks – Knowledge Mapping: Integrating and Visualizing Information Across Sources

This is the M&E Thursday Talk from Thursday, October 17th, when Dr. Bernadette Wright of Meaningful Evidence, led a discussion on “Knowledge Mapping: Integrating and Visualizing Information Across Sources.”

To better solve important issues such as peacebuilding, development, and human well-being, we need better knowledge. Using examples from real-world evaluations, Bernadette Wright introduced her three “dimensions” to improving our knowledge for problem-solving and shared practical takeaways to help participants make the most of these dimensions. Bernadette will also discussed the techniques of knowledge mapping and visualization of knowledge, and how these techniques can be used to promote learning, communication, and information-sharing.

For more background information on the topic, you can access the following articles: 

Still have questions? You can email Dr. Bernadette Wright directly at You can also check out her new publication, Practical Mapping for Applied Research and Program Evaluation (PromoCode – SAGE2019).

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